Beginning to Blog

Now that I’ve gotten past my fear of actually starting the blog I have been flooded with ideas and topics and overload of things I could ramble on about for days. But I don’t intend for this to ever be just overly drawn out Facebook posts that I didn’t want to place on that forum. I want this to have a somewhat focused purpose and target. That’s why the blog has a name.

I’ve added an About the Blog short description to the menu to give my main goals for this blog, and also a bit to remind myself why I’m writing if I do ever feel the urge to rage about the rude man on 114 who cut me off and all the reasons he should not have a driver’s license.

In addition to finding a focus point, one of my goals was met within minutes of initially posting, when an old friend was able to relate to my short, awkward start up post, and admit she has been interested in blogging for a while and I was swaying her closer to beginning. And wouldn’t you know, I found a topic that immediately jumped to the top of my list.

Everybody in the world has a story. It sometimes boggles my mind how little we know about each other in the age of technology. Short, skin deep excerpts on social media, sure, but how many of that long list of followers and friends do you have sit down sharing time with? Why are we so quick to post superficial statuses or updates about our food but, like me, nervous about sharing anything deeper than a relationship status?

There are many reasons that sharing your story is beneficial, and also several reasons blogging is a great way to do so.

It Inspires Others

One of the easiest and least bombarding ways, in my opinion, to be a testimony to the power of God, is to simply tell your story. We so often don’t want to talk about “the person we were before” or the events of our past when it is these very changes that shout the good that has taken place in our lives. You will never know how many people can relate to your past or current situation, or who you could inspire to pull through a hard time just by sharing where you’ve been until you do so. We connect through our struggles, not our filtered profile pictures.

It’s Exciting

On a non-religious note, it is extremely therapeutic, and even exciting to share your experiences with others. Much of the joy in our experiences is being able to share and recommend things, places, activities to others and give advice through a voice of knowledge. Odds are you will find yourself enjoying your writing and sharing, and that will be reward enough. There’s also a little surge of pride when you get a few comments in return!

It Helps You Perceive Differently & Prioritize

Writing will make you begin to look at situations differently, and decide if they are noteworthy or not. Which is a pretty good way to teach yourself not to sweat the small stuff. I opened my blog this week, but there has been much more thought put into it than a passing whim. Over the past few months that I’ve considered writing again, I’ve caught myself assessing different situations that spring up in my life through a lens of how I would write about them. That in turn leads to prioritizing what means enough in your life to share and write about.

It Helps You Find Your Voice & Passion

It only makes sense that once you start writing, you begin to find your “voice”. You find out what is important in your life, where you stand on varying topics, and what really drives you to write. And if you’re not quite sure what that is yet, the best way to find out is to start!

It Builds Confidence

Not only in your writing capabilities, which are sure to improve the longer you write, but your life in general. Especially if you decide to share from personal experience, it provides you with an opportunity to look back on the places you’ve been, and see how far you’ve come and how you’ve pulled through. There may have been a time you didn’t think you would make it through something, let alone be writing about your experience or giving advice to others!

It Allows for Feedback

This is especially helpful if you are planning to write short stories or are generally interested in initiating conversation through your pieces. Blogging allows for immediate peer feedback and comments, helping you improve your writing skills and even connect with other writers.

Whatever it is you have to tell, start writing! The fears of what I have to say not being engaging, or enjoyed by others were watered down by just one friend who I may have encouraged to share her story as well. It made me realize that no matter where this little blog ends up, if I write daily or this is my last post, if I write eloquent inspiring speeches or continue to be my awkward comical self, I am okay if it reaches one person, and inspires them to find their niche in writing, too.

I’ve attached a great post here from The Minimalists on successfully blogging, its been a very helpful reference to me, as well as a post from Shareaholic on choosing a domain. Happy writing!


Proverbs 27:17  As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”

Luke 8:39“No, go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you.” So he went all through the town proclaiming the great things Jesus had done for him.”

The Minimalists on Blogging

Choosing a Domain



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