About the Author

I am a 25 year old Nanny & Home Manager (my job description is a whole post in and of itself- it’s a LOT, trust me!) for a family with two thirteen year old girls, a ten year old boy, and a one year old Bichon named Atlas. This keeps about 60 hours of my week wrapped up in planning, coordinating, driving, generally running around like crazy. I love it, and have been at it for almost seven years. It has helped me grow in uncountable ways.

At home I am the eldest of five children, mother to two Chihuahua/Jack Russells, and lucky girlfriend to a quick-witted man with two gorgeous kids aged 3 & 5.

I’ve enjoyed writing since I was in grade school, the entire process makes me feel productive and organized. Other than writing, in my very sparse spare time I enjoy cooking, dancing, crossfit, baseball (Go Rangers!), laughing with my sister and close friends, and reading.

My dream job is to work in Biblical Counseling, which kind of means I can start my internship every day of my life by empowering and lifting up others, with particular focus on women my age!